Welcome to the musical world of Cris Tanzi Italian London based jazz/soul singer with a unique sultry voice. 

Hailing from Italy, Cris went to London to follow her passion for Music after being classically trained many years in Parma.
In London Cris joined several indie bands as a singer, acoustic guitarist and co writer.
In 2004 Cris started to write her own songs and formed her own indie/folk project simply called Cris Tanzi.
One of her self produced tracks “My home” was selected by Mercedes Benz mixed tape and gained quite a bit of exposure thanks to an online label called Beatpick.
After a few years of song writing and being active in the underground-unsigned London scene, Cris felt the need to expand her musical knowledge to be able to compose more interesting pieces.
She started to listen to Jazz singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Holiday and soon enough, was hooked into the genre so much so that she decided to complete a degree in Jazz at Middlesex University where she specialized in vocals and piano.

Following her Jazz degree Cris Tanzi started to perform in many venues in London alone and as well as with talented musicians, learning the tricks of the trade and putting into practice all that she had learned during her Jazz course. 

After a few years of full on Jazz immersion, Cris decided it was time to fuse her love for the genre with a more soulful tone and that’s how HULOS was formed, a bass guitar duo with her good friend and talented double bass player Nick Lenner-Webster, performing a mix of soul and jazz for special occasions and events.